Asia is the fastest growing region in the world, with average GDP growth of 2 to 3 times that of Australia and other developed countries. Despite compelling growth and valuations, it is difficult for Australian investors to access Asian markets directly. Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI) offers an easy and efficient way to access the best stocks in the region. During our recent roadshow, we highlighted some of the key reasons to invest in Asia and how we are positioned going into 2018.  


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Patrick Fresne

Is it possible that Africa, rather than Asia, might prove to be the fastest growing region in the years ahead?. Ethiopia and Ivory Coast are already on the top ten list, according to figures compiled by the IMF, and a post-Mugabe economic recovery in Zimbabwe could also provide a boost to neighbouring countries in southern Africa.

Steve Green

Good presentation Mary outlining some of the misconceptions some have on investing in the region. I have observed EAI trading at a larger discount (even accounting for potential options dilution) than the likes of PAI & PAF. Getting into PAI & PAF before the options expire, and before they outline a clear path to pay dividends has lead to increased returns from the discount to NTA contracting. Maybe we will see the same here? EAI seem well poised for a dividend perhaps next year, and eventually the options overhang should get removed whilst resulting the LIC being a good size. Such catalysts were discussed here.