Marcus Padley

The shock election result at the weekend is very good news for the bank sector. The sector has already reacted with a sharp rise in all the big four banks, as well as Macquarie (ASX:MQG), Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (ASX:BEN) and Bank of Queensland (ASX:BOQ). What we have to ask... Show More

Andrew Martin

I recently went to New Zealand to research the Financial sector. I was visiting banks and insurance companies, as well as seeing the regulators and getting insights into the NZ economy more broadly. Many Australian financial companies own material NZ based businesses, so it is important to keep on top... Show More

Investment Theme

Volatile times can create opportunities for patient investors, and there’s been no shortage of volatility for emerging markets investors lately. Alex Duffy, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity, says that volatility like this will separate the bad business models from the good. He sees two key areas of opportunity today: Consumption – penetration... Show More

Peter Wilmshurst

Despite political tension and underperformance of the European Financials sector in the June quarter, results in 2017 and the first quarter were solid. We saw upgrades for the European banking sector through 2017 on the back of improving loan losses and continued uptick in lending growth. The banks are also... Show More

Michael O'Neill

When you look at the ASX 300 Industrial Index, over 50% is dominated by financials and real estate so investors need to be cautious. The financials can be quite leveraged companies, where earnings quality can often be an issue, and a lot of those companies are tied to the property... Show More

Dermot Ryan

Dividend lovers: we’re witnessing a bit of a changing of the guard when it comes to the performance of ASX listed companies. Financials and in particular banks – where investors have traditionally looked for their sustainable dividend growth – are beginning to be threatened for the mantle of sustainable dividend... Show More

Alex Cowie

When we asked you to suggest a stock tip in our 2018 Livewire reader survey, there were a few names that came up regularly. Drawing from the database of 2617 responses, here are the 10 stocks that readers tipped the most, with exclusive insights from our contributors for each one.... Show More