The Apple shareprice popped 39% in the past year, including almost 10% following the result. This has less to do with the underlying numbers, which actually weren’t that great (more on that later), but is more about excitement around the iPhone 8, which will be released for the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone in September. There is a lot of speculation about the world’s biggest listed company, and because Apple’s supply chain is so long (meaning that its component providers need plenty of warning to tool up) it can be pretty well informed, like the stuff about the removal of the headphone jack. For the new iPhone, there is discussion about wireless charging. There are now listed companies with technology which will charge a device while it’s in your pocket, using a radio signal which beams power into the device. One pundit opined that wireless charging is deeply disruptive, and indeed could be the next wi-fi. I would respectfully disagree. Wi-fi is highly disruptive, while the other is, well, just a neat bit of technology. Read more at (VIEW LINK)


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