Apple through US$102 on large-screen iPhone speculation. Apple's Alien vs Predator future? The two scariest monsters ever realised on film were the Alien queen (from Alien) and the Predator (from The Predator). The former, which was referred to as a xenomorph, laid an egg inside its victim that later busted out, literally, as a hungry, acid-blooded killer. The Predator was a marooned hunter from outer space which wound up taking Arnold Schwarzenegger down. The bright sparks in Hollywood thought it would be a great idea to put them into the one movie to, like, see who would win. Eschewing subtlety, they called this movie Alien vs Predator (or AvP). I love those guys. I sometimes think about this film in the context of Apple and Google, which are playing out their own equally brutal version of AvP. I call this movie AvG. Read my piece in BRW this week. (VIEW LINK)