self managed super

Peter Wilmshurst

When it comes to investing, Australians forego their ‘globetrotter’ reputation and rarely look past local companies. In consumption, however, we are far worldlier and have embraced international brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, BP and Toyota. Show More

Christopher Joye

In the AFR today I argue that Peter Costello is right that there is a role for the government to play in providing super savers with a public sector alternative to existing super funds---in fact, I argued exactly the same thing at length way back in 2009 with my "KangaSupa"... Show More

Alex Pollak

Which companies are really blue chip? Telstra? The banks? BHP? Blue chip companies in the US are turning in some of the worst earnings performances of the season - Coke's third quarter disappointed on almost every metric, AT&T lowered its revenue forecast, IBM fell 10% after it admitted that its... Show More

Alex Pollak

Where to hide in the bank/Aussie dollar sell-off? Try the US market! The general stock sell-off over the past few weeks (including Wall St volatility) was accompanied by a 6.76% rise in the US dollar against the Australian currency, as investors grew more nervous about the economy; in part this... Show More

Alex Pollak

Apple through US$102 on large-screen iPhone speculation. Apple's Alien vs Predator future? The two scariest monsters ever realised on film were the Alien queen (from Alien) and the Predator (from The Predator). The former, which was referred to as a xenomorph, laid an egg inside its victim that later busted... Show More