The Bells Gold Tracker is a periodic update and review of ASX-listed gold equities and the gold market. We run through a current market theme, key company releases from the last week, a gold-producers’ comparison table, a performance “heat-map” and some key price and relative value charts. After updating for the September quarterlies we note that Ramelius, which has been delivering strong results from its Mt Magnet operations, is carrying no debt and holds 34% of its market capitalisation in cash ($88.7m) on its balance sheet. The other chart worth looking at this week is the total known silver ETF holdings below. As with the gold bullion ETF’s, levels have remained high and holders seemingly unfazed in the lead-up to the US Presidential election. The sticky money does not appear willing to relinquish its positions just yet. Click below to access the full report: (VIEW LINK)