gold stocks

Bell Potter

The Bells Gold Tracker is a periodic update and review of ASX-listed gold equities and the gold market. We run through a current market theme, key company releases from the last week, a gold-producers’ comparison table, a performance “heat-map” and some key price and relative value charts. After updating for... Show More

Roger Montgomery

Gold miners generally don’t meet our quality requirements at Montgomery. But there is one miner that has gone through a massive transformation over the past eighteen months – Evolution Mining (ASX: EVN). With a strong track record of profitable acquisitions, and a declining risk profile, we think it’s a business... Show More

Jim Copland

With near record A$ gold prices, the gold industry continues to generate extraordinary levels of free cash. Arguably it is allocating capital better than ever before in terms of balancing growth aspirations with shareholder returns. It’s great to see them really having a go with the drill bit too. We... Show More