Last month on the 26th and 21st of May, I blogged about the turning points in our inflation data. After disinflation had persisted for so long, we had our first positive signs of re-inflation in Europe, Canada and Germany. These signals triggered our short government bond trades, which are being vindicated through today's inflation data and making our investors money in the markets today, taking our portfolio returns up over 21% for the past twelve months. Earlier this morning, the European Union Statistics office released Euro-area consumer prices which rose for the first time in six months and core inflation which accelerated at the fasted pace in nine months. Supporting our view that inflation has already turned, and is on the rise and will be damaging for bond investors. Here are the outputs from our models, showing the continuation of rising inflation since the lines crossed and signalled our bullish stance on inflation which was hit last month. Read more.. (VIEW LINK)