Brexit Deva Vu All Over Again

Gavin Wendt

It’s very much reminiscent of the Brexit vote, where the polls also said the vote would be very close. There seems to be the same motivating factors with respect to voters too – principally those who have lost jobs and who feel they haven’t benefited at all from globalisation and free trade agreements. Same happened after Brexit. Markets fell and the world was going to end. Well it didn't, the world kept turning, the sun rose again the next day and markets have pretty much recovered all the ground they lost immediately post Brexit. It's a worldwide phenomenon - the world is sick of politicians, particularly the elite, and will give anyone else a go who's not part of the political establishment. Gold should benefit strongly once again.

Gavin Wendt

I have been a senior resources analyst following the fortunes of the mining and energy sectors for the past 25 years - previously working with stockbroker Intersuisse and financial group Fat Prophets. I am also Executive Director, Mining & Metals...


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