The ten things to watch in 2018

Saul Eslake

Here are ten things that I think will shape the global and Australian economies in 2018, and that expect I’ll be talking about at conferences and events over the course of the coming year. Show More

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Linkers surge on UK inflation shock: a British history lesson

Ardea Investment Management

The events surrounding Brexit have spun off many important lessons for markets, not least of which is the importance of considering all possible outcomes when assessing risk in financial markets. Show More

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Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170327

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell on the open and then made a surprise recovery on the back of global investors trying to find a home out of Japan. Local market was supported by Banks turning positive from negative during the day while the outperformers were Gold and Energy when the Miners were... Show More

Trump & May combine to rattle markets

James Gerrish

In a 45-minute speech, last night Theresa May outlined her plans/hopes for BREXIT which was tough enough to send European equities lower, led by the UK FTSE which fell 1.5%. There is a long and potentially torturous journey ahead in the negotiations between Britain and the EU. Hence a correction... Show More

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Risks in Europe to keep breakup in focus

AMP Capital

After the recent experience with the Brexit vote in the UK and election of Donald Trump as President of the US, which are indicative of a nationalist backlash against the pro-globalisation establishment, there is a fear that Europe will go the same way with nationalist forces in Italy, Austria, France,... Show More

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Brexit Deva Vu All Over Again

Gavin Wendt

It’s very much reminiscent of the Brexit vote, where the polls also said the vote would be very close. There seems to be the same motivating factors with respect to voters too – principally those who have lost jobs and who feel they haven’t benefited at all from globalisation and... Show More

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Dylan wins a Nobel Prize. Times they are a changin’ in the markets too.

PM Capital

Paul Moore, Chief Investment Officer and founder of PM CAPITAL, says recent noise in investment markets linked to specific events such as Brexit has hidden the fact that the world is at an inflection point. Interest rates may have hit their lows after an historic bull run and he says... Show More

Hugh Hendry: The only precedent for today's market is the 1930's

Livewire News

"We believe we are approaching a dramatic fulcrum point in public opinion in Europe. Since the Brexit referendum we have been developing our thoughts about what the Leave vote might mean, not just for the UK, but for the European project as a whole. And our main conclusion is that... Show More

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Britain to begin EU-divorce within 6 months

Livewire News

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May told the Conservative Party Conference that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty would be invoked – formally ending their treaty with the EU – by the end of March 2017. May emphasized in her speech that neither the House of Commons nor the House of... Show More


Central banks: can they control the economy?

Crispin Odey

The UK decided to join the EEC in 1973, just as today it has decided to exit the European Union. Both were difficult times. The world had enjoyed continuous economic growth from 1945 to 1973 – what the French called the ‘Trente Glorieuses’. But in the 70s, the world trading... Show More

What Europe’s banks earned, how they spun it, and what they said about Brexit

Livewire News

Europe’s biggest banks have been reporting their first-half earnings over the past two weeks. The results aren’t pretty. Profits and share prices are down across the industry, with earnings eroded by low or negative interest rates across the continent. Many lenders are still struggling to restructure their businesses, and continue... Show More


Markets aren’t always quick to react

Patrick Poke

Bear Stearns, the US investment bank that was the first domino to fall in the GFC, was promised a bailout by the New York Fed on March 14, 2008. Within the next week, the Fed pulled the offer, and the firm collapsed. In hindsight, it should be obvious that this... Show More

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It is critical that one looks forward and not backwards when assessing risk reward | Paul Moore

PM Capital

Given the external shock created by Brexit and the initial impact on our UK and European Investments, our CIO Paul Moore provides a further update on Brexit and the global markets in our June quarterly video update. "So clearly with Brexit it is a more difficult environment; uncertainty has increased.... Show More

Multi Asset – Bad news is good

Schroders Australia

While markets have in many cases recovered from their Brexit jitters, we are remaining cautious. There is still significant uncertainty surrounding the consequences and timeframe of the eventual exit of Britain from the EU. Likewise, we are skeptical of the sustainability of the recovery in risk assets which seems in... Show More

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How Artificial Intelligence Produced 32% Brexit Returns

Christopher Joye

In my weekly column for The AFR I always like to engage with new investment talent, and my latest missive profiles Dr Desmond Lun, the Australian MIT PhD who is a professor of computer science at Rutgers University in the US and the manger of a systematic quant fund that... Show More

hedge funds brexit artificial intelligence

We’ve exited UK financials

Platypus Asset Management

The impact of Brexit will be profound on the UK’s financials sector, at least in the short-term. As we write, we have reports of large property funds ‘gating’ redemptions. We have sold our positions in CYBG Plc, Henderson Group and reduced our holding in Macquarie Group. The expectations for Henderson... Show More

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Sunset Strip | Aussie Afternoon Institutional Market Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram

Aussie market started with a bang and then gave it all up before finishing at the highs of the day. The main drivers were banks and miners after solid global lead and strong commodities. The market has moved from Brexit worry to stimulus party. We turned bullish on Tuesday 28th... Show More

Morphic Half Yearly Review: Forecasts, reflections and quotable quotes

Chad Slater

Hot on the heels of us provocatively prodding the bears yesterday, today we release our half yearly review. We have chosen not to do the traditional quarterly letters to investors, deciding that 6 months gives more depth of view and timeline to reflect on. Want to know what we think... Show More

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Arrivederci Italia?

Marcus Tuck

The next major EU flashpoint is probably in Italy due to the combination of another politically charged referendum, diabolical public finances, a flat-lining economy and under-capitalised banks with a lot of non-performing loans. Show More

banks europe Longform brexit

Top 10 most read wires of the second quarter

Patrick Poke

It’s been an exciting quarter at Livewire; we’ve hosted the second Livewire Live investor forum at the ASX’s Exchange Square, and contributors have submitted more than 1,000 wires to the website. Financial markets have been no less interesting as they seesawed before and after the UK referendum, market commentators continued... Show More