There are 323 million people in the US, 743 million in Europe, and 1.3 billion in China. When looking at Australia’s population of just 24 million coupled with a low growth environment, the case for offshore expansion is compelling. However, these are competitive markets with different practices and regulatory environments. Get it right though… and the prize is substantial. So we asked our panelists for their view on five growth stocks taking on the big boys overseas, including a2 Milk, Webjet, Credit Corp, Domino’s and BWX. Tune in as Andrew Mitchell from Ophir Asset Management and Prasad Patkar from Platypus Asset Management deliver their verdicts on 5 stocks with global aspirations.

Key points:

  • With even the most bearish projections for Domino’s, the stock price would be higher in 12 months, but it has to get through this tough first half-year first.
  • A2 milk has a 4.5% share of Chinese $15bil infant formula market, and earnings you wouldn’t want to bet against.
  • Webjet offers 30% topline growth, and you are not paying much for it, however, the company is hard to read and earnings hard to predict.
  • Credit Corp has done well in Australia, and is now expanding in a market ten times the size. Management has strong pedigree. 
  • Trading on 25 times, BWX has a lofty valuation, and has a certain amount of execution risk.


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