After looking at the five most-tipped stocks from our survey, this week we put on our contrarian hats and review the most overlooked big caps from the list. These are the stocks that barely got a mention at all in the 2700 responses to the survey. Sometimes the best deals are found in the reject bins. Or as Howard Marks puts it: “Certain common threads run through the best investments I’ve witnessed. They’re usually contrarian, challenging and uncomfortable”. So tune in as Matthew Kidman from Centennial Funds hosts Chad Slater of Morphic and John Ayoub from Wilson Asset Management provide some surprising views on QBE, Woodside, JB Hifi, Medibank and Woolworths in the latest exclusive brought to you by Livewire.

Key points 

  • QBE: Recently issued another downgrade. Is there more to come or have the decks been cleared?
  • Woodside Petroleum: Perhaps a surprise to find Woodside on this list given the bullish sentiment towards commodities and the recent strong price movements in oil and gas.
  • JB Hifi: 13.4% of the stock is currently short as bets were made about the impact of Amazon. After a strong Christmas retail period the question is has this been baked into the price or are shorters set to face some pain?
  • Medibank: After a stellar run could there be some headwinds brewing later this year?
  • Woolworths: In the 'doghouse' for some time Woollies has made somewhat of a comeback. Could there be some more good news in the pipe for investors?

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