It’s no secret that the real opportunities in recent years have been among the high-quality emerging midcap names rather than traditional big caps. These are often stocks with proven business models, led by quality management looking to expand into larger offshore markets. The challenge for investors is navigating the eye watering multiples that many of these stocks trade on. So for this week’s Buy Hold Sell, we ask two growth specialists, Prasad Patkar from Platypus and from CFSGAM, to share their views on a2 Milk, Seek and Treasury Wine Estates. We also ask them to nominate a growth stock where they think the valuation looks attractive.


Stocks discussed: 

  • a2 Milk (ASX:A2M) has growing market share in China, but is this baked into the price?
  • Seek (ASX:SEK) has great positioning with the Chinese and SE Asian markets as well, and has some growth optionality through investments in start ups. 
  • Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has a clear strategy and is executing it well with highly regarded management.
  • Each guest also nominates a growth stock they think looks attractive.

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