One of the most profitable trends in the market this year has been the outperformance of small cap stocks. The Small Ordinaries index (total return) is up around 13%, well ahead of large caps, measured using the ASX50, which is up just 5%. However, small cap stocks come with an inherent level of volatility, which means it’s a space generally left to the more risk tolerant and experienced investor. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we ask two managers that specialise in smaller companies to share their insights into a selection of small caps that have been on the move. Tune in as Ben Rundle from NAOS Asset Management and Alex Shevelev from Glennon Capital share their views on Vocus, MNF Group, Macquarie Telecoms, Superloop and Speedcast.



Can I suggest that there be disclosure from the participants as to whether they have an arms length relationship (or not) to the companies that are advising on? It would be useful to gain some insight into the biases that might be influencing their thoughts.

James Marlay

Hi Grant, a fair suggestion and we can certainly look into some practical ways to incorporate this into the show. Please make sure you read the disclaimer slide which draws attention to the fact that the presenters may have interest in the companies discussed. James