Dale D’Rozario

informative, concise, just brilliant

Tony Yates

I remember fears of unsustainable iron ore prices at least a year ago. Meanwhile more than ten years of bank interest in dividends one year later! At least Twiggy is laughing all the way to the bank!

Fraser samuel

Golly gosh our stock market is so overvalued they could only recommend,: A company that transports coal which is an unpopular & declining. Moreover I bet they have a lot of debt. Ioof is in a business which makes no sense. The commission on managed funds are far too high. For example if shares return 4 to 5 per cenr in the next few years managed funds charge 1 per cent. Companies I would suggest are: jb hi fi. bunnings reit the Clw reit -long term tenants

John Obeid

My tip is Northern Star. Whilst the dividend yield is currently not high (around 2%), its cash flow far exceeds its earnings, which far exceed its dividend. That's what makes a "sustainable dividend". Add to that rising gold prices - that's a dividend you can take to the bank!