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Damien Wood

Brexit means uncertainty. Uncertainty on its impact on the UK economy and uncertainty on whether it sets a precedent for others in the EU. And investment markets do not respond well to spikes in uncertainty. But what does it mean for Australian corporate credit risk? Next to nothing. Earnings and... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Tim Hannon, Chief Investment Officer at Newgate Capital, thinks ‘yield’ stocks present significant risks in the current environment. “Sometimes high-yield is an extremely risky proposition.” He is concerned about the proliferation of high-yield ETFs and managed funds, as well as direct investors, bidding up the prices of these high-yield stocks... Show More

Clime Asset Management

What did the latest reporting season tell us about the course of future dividends? The season continued the theme, which started in 2012, of dividend growth outstripping earnings growth. During this period, listed Australian businesses have generally focused on “cost-out strategies” rather than investing for growth through the business cycle. Show More

Paragon Funds Management

Macquarie is currently yielding a 4.6% forward dividend (March year-end FY16F), and based on our estimates is growing earnings at 30% CAGR for the three years to FY16F. Macquarie is taking advantage of buoyant conditions across key segments including 1) Asset Management, 2) Corporate & Asset Finance, 3) Commodities &... Show More