Sandra Croft

Thanks for all the info. very informative

Matt Cortez

After James bought up Coronavirus' potential impact on IDP I'd think Roger would have addressed it later.

Idor sevel

Love the video... Thx it's helpful

Roger Montgomery

Hi Matt, the market had been concerned about IDP’s exposure to the negative impacts on demand from the spread of the current coronavirus and containment policies implemented in China. The Chinese government has forced the cancellation of IELTS testing for the month of February. However, the impact on IDP’s near term results is limited by the fact that it only receives a royalty from its IELTS JV partner British Council. Therefore, there are no stranded costs for IDP from this lost volume. Additionally, these volumes are merely likely to be deferred not lost completely. BC is currently working on adding multiple test times in March to process the backlog. In student placements, China contributes around 25 per cent of IDP’s placement volumes, the impact of any quarantine measures on the 2H20 result will be limited given that a third of Chinese students have already arrived in Australia. Additionally, GO8 universities have delayed the start of the first semester until March. If students are delayed beyond this, they will still have the option of commencing in the second semester, which will have little impact on IDP’s revenues for the half. If the containment measures and restrictions on travel extend into the second half of the calendar year, it will begin to impact IDP’s student placement revenues.