For those interested in gamification this article published on the Credit Suisse website explores recent attempts to introduce elements of game-playing to the complexities of investing. Hart Lambur, a New York based Fintech pioneer, thinks that much of this complexity can be cut away through the judicious application of the principles of gamification. "We want to create a new understanding of investing that complements technical expertise and avoids professional jargon," Lambur explains. In 2013 Lambur launched Openfolio which aggregates user information according to pre defined parameters and then users can measure portfolio performance against a range of variables such as age, gender, location and education. Lamur has a trading floor background and noted that it was often a helpful, communal sounding board for investment – related questions, "Openfolio lets you engage with your investments in a fun way, by giving you context into what others are doing i.e. social validation." To read the full article (VIEW LINK)