This week’s guest on the podcast is Jeff Cole, Founder and Director of The Center for the Digital Future, and a member of the investment committee for the E&P Global Disruption Fund. His work has been at the core of the media industry over the past three decades. He founded the World Internet Project 19 years ago and has presented his insights to the White House, the FCC, and the Department of Defense. He's testified before congress, held a joint press conference with President Bill Clinton, and even produced two films with Vice President Al Gore. This week on The Rules of Investing, we'll discuss the current media landscape in Australia and how it's changing, the rising phenomenon of esports, and what went wrong for MoviePass, which caused its parent company to fall more than 99.999%.

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Time stamps

  • 1:42 - Changes in the media landscape
  • 7:42 - The phenomenon of esports
  • 11:24 - The world internet project
  • 15:48 - Movie Pass – what does it have in common with Uber?
  • 26:50 – Privacy issues: should we care?
  • 36:00 – Why he's not optimistic about the future of employment
  • 43:03 – How would you fix the economy?
  • 45:01 – Jeff answers our three favourite questions.

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Ian Ashman

Amazing interview. Thanks.