You rarely hear value investors espousing small-cap biotech stocks, given their typically binary outcomes make the risk profile totally unsuitable. However, what we learned in this recent interview was that the stock discussed does not have the usual biotech risk profile.

When we spoke with Michael Goldberg,  Managing Director at Collins St Value Fund, he explained how the efficacy and safety profiles suggest that most of the stock’s risk is now to the upside, leading to an astonishing value opportunity. 

Michael is now thinking in terms of this being a corporate target, telling us that once a deal is struck:

 “... the market will get a real sense of what the company’s worth, and a two hundred million dollar market cap will be a long forgotten memory”…

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Scott Williams

Totally agree. Risk is now to the upside in our opinion.

Neil Macdonald

great interview/insights

Chez Spigelman

This is looking very good as of today - well done