The latest episode of Coolabah Capital’s Complexity Premia markets/investing podcast is now live over at Apple here or at Podbean here.

In the latest episode we discuss: 

  • recent developments in financial markets; 
  • the consequences of Scott Morrison’s (unsurprising) election victory for investors; 
  • the most attractive parts of the corporate capital structure; 
  • rate cuts via APRA and the RBA; 
  • whether the housing market is turning; 
  • how much the housing market might bounce by if the RBA cuts; 
  • why ScoMo won; 
  • emerging opportunities in RMBS; and 
  • what we think ScoMo’s agenda will involve.

The podcast has been surprisingly popular given its technical/wonkish content, often rising into the Top 10 of Apple’s Australian investing category after only 6 episodes.