Jay Soloff

Fed chair nominee Janet Yellen dropped some gems in her testimony before the Senate Banking Committee. I would consider her remarks to be quite bullish for US equities. Her response to using monetary stimulus to promote economic growth: I consider it imperative that we do what we can to promote a very strong recovery. Regarding central bank asset purchases, Yellen said they have made a meaningful contribution to economic growth and improving the outlook. She also does not believe stock prices are in bubble-like conditions because traditional measures like price-earnings ratios do not appear to be at overly inflated levels. It looks like we'll continue to see Fed bond buying until the labor market is in much better shape. How soon that happens is anyone's guess, but the market is currently betting on March of next year. (VIEW LINK)


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Jay Soloff

I should clarify, I think it will continue past March, but I believe the purchases will start getting reduced around that time. Reductions could end up being minor (say $5-$10 billion at a time). The time frame may certainly change as economic data is released. The single most important factor will be the jobs number, followed closely by CPI or other inflation measures.

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