Sam Ferraro

A number of popular scapegoats emerged in the aftermath of the financial crisis: conflicted credit rating agencies, a corporate culture and regulatory environment that encouraged risk taking over risk management, lax lending standards, rapid growth in credit, and what some considered to be excessively loose monetary policy from the U.S.... Show More

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Janet Yellen delivered a speech on Friday confirming that the US remains on track to raise rates for the first time since 2006 later this year. “If the economy continues to improve as I expect, I think it will be appropriate at some point this year to take the initial... Show More

John Robertson

The semi-annual testimony before the US Congress last week by the chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen implicitly raised the question of what constituted normal economic conditions before ducking the issue entirely. The desired tempo of future interest rate rises will depend on whether history is taken as a... Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

One of the key drivers of the improved market sentiment since December has been that the US Fed has been very consistent in its messaging. Indeed every meeting since then, Janet Yellen and her colleagues have reduced the level of monthly asset purchases by USD10 billion. However, before this process... Show More

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Jobs report boosts speculation growth is strong enough for the Federal Reserve to consider higher rates. US stocks were little changed near records, while emerging-market equities climbed to a 13-month high. Data from employment to housing is fueling confidence that the world's largest economy is rebounding after the worst contraction... Show More