While Australian residential property investors might be used to negative gearing – when costs exceed rental income – the situation is very different elsewhere. In the U.K., gross rental yields of 6-7% p.a. in tier-1 cities are common, meaning investors get paid to hold the asset. The L1 Capital U.K. Residential Property Fund aims to capitalise on this and deliver clients a net return of at least 10% p.a., including a dividend yield of 6% p.a. (after fees and expenses, before tax).

L1 Capital believes the outlook for U.K. residential property (ex-London) offers a compelling opportunity. The combination of high rental yields, low borrowing costs and attractive long-term supply-demand dynamics makes for an attractive investment case.

Key points:

  • Fund 1 has achieved 7.5% p.a. net distribution yield to investors
  • Strong capital growth (+23%) despite Brexit uncertainty
  • House price to income ratios typically between 2.5x up to 4x, compared to 11x for Sydney, and 9.5x for Melbourne
  • Income growth has significantly outpaced house price growth since the GFC
  • In May 2020, 96% of residential rents were collected, compared to 63% for retail rents and 90% for office rents
  • Fund IV is now open to both retail and wholesale investors.

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Defensive income yield and capital growth

The L1 Capital U.K. Residential Property Fund invests in high-yielding residential assets that can deliver strong and growing income, along with significant capital appreciation. Click the 'CONTACT' button below to find out more.