Inflation is always a highly polarizing subject amongst economists and conspiracy theorists alike. The later think the data is blatantly manipulated to keep the good folk under control and at ease with the value of their paper currencies, the former think that their inflation calculations need to be adapted regularly to give a realistic view of inflation changes. Both have fair arguments I'd say, but one thing is for sure, which is that good (price of your home), bad (price of your energy), consumer and commercial inflation impacts everyones balance sheet in different ways. Disinflation has persisted since the 2008 crisis, and our forecasts are still lower that they were six months ago, but the data we are capturing daily and in real time that contains the expectations of the worlds economists for consumer price inflation, that feed in to our global inflation leading indicator, has started to tick higher. Read more... (VIEW LINK)

Jordan Eliseo

nice piece Daniel