Alex Cowie

Platinum Asset Management’s Founder Kerr Neilson is a fund manager who needs no introduction. Kerr recently sat down with Platinum's Julian McCormack to discuss timeless investment principles, the big issues today, and what he’s excited about ahead. We have prepared the following transcript for you, with a link to the... Show More

Marcus Padley

There was an article on the Livewire website this week quoting a recent Kerr Neilson presentation, the billionaire fund manager at Platinum Asset Management. There were lots of good takeaways but the comment that interested me was this quote: Show More

Gavin Wendt

Over recent weeks we’ve discussed the various fundamental reasons for the strong performance of firstly gold, then silver. After being outperformed by gold, silver has played catch-up and realigned in line with the traditional gold-silver ratio. In early March 2016, the ratio moved to highs of over 83:1 (the highest... Show More

John Robertson

Palladium prices have fallen 14% during June prompting us to ask whether the prices of the major precious metals are set to converge. By definition, any discussion about convergence implies some prior disparity in performance. Deviations from the average can be large and prolonged. Since the beginning of 2013 (... Show More

Daniel Weston

Inflation is always a highly polarizing subject amongst economists and conspiracy theorists alike. The later think the data is blatantly manipulated to keep the good folk under control and at ease with the value of their paper currencies, the former think that their inflation calculations need to be adapted regularly... Show More

John Robertson

Impact Minerals CEO Mike Jones offers a good example of the ‘needle in the haystack’ nature of mineral exploration. Every mineral exploration company CEO sounds destined for success. There’s always at least a soil anomaly or geophysical highlight to keep hope alive despite usually slim chances of success. Jones has... Show More