Market volatility continues to create opportunities, particularly for our approach which combines fundamentally-based stock selection criteria (Value and Quality) with daily evaluation of opportunities to rebalance portfolios. The healthcare sector is one such area which has been through a period of extreme optimism and is now seeing the impact of being a crowded area where high correlations pull down some stocks more than fundamentals justify. In "Talking Point: Healthy value" (VIEW LINK) our Global QEP team explores the themes that they believe will impact the outlook for Value stocks.

Patrick Poke

I'm curious how you define value and growth stocks, is it the same way as Fama/French with book to market, or some other metric?

Schroders Australia

Thanks for your question Patrick. In terms of growth we are referring to more traditional measures of “momentum growth”. We prefer to focus on measures of Value and Quality. Quality investing aims to offer investors a more stable form of growth investing and a far more consistent return profile than traditional growth managers. We focus on identifying companies that are profitable, offer stable growth and are financially strong while avoiding ‘glamour’ or thematic stocks which we believe carry a higher risk of disappointment. Value investing is a style of investing which focuses on companies whose shares appear under-priced; these may include shares that are trading at, for example, high dividend yields or low price-to-earning or price-to-book ratios. Our measure of Value is much more broadly based (30+ value measures) than a single measure. (I’ve included our broad definitions in the attached image on the original post.)

Patrick Poke

Thanks for the response Oliver