Goldman doubles down on clean-tech. Stuart Bernstein from Goldman Sachs says despite the carnage of the past few years they are buoyant about what's ahead for the industry . We've never been busier. When things got tough, Goldman doubled down. Many firms let the people in their renewables groups go. We hired the best people from those firms and doubled down our commitment. Our market share went up dramatically as a result. Bernstein cites recent successes as evidence of a turnaround Nest was bought by Google for $3.2 billion. Every venture investor that was invested in Nest did extraordinarily well. Opower has been marketing the last couple of weeks, and tonight they price their IPO. Anyone invested in Opower, did extraordinarily well. We took Tesla public in 2010, and we've raised over $4 billion for them since then. These are all big successes. (@nlim this might be of interest) (VIEW LINK)

Nathan Lim