Think about this. In a world where search is done by voice, a lot of the screen-based, visual and clickable data which is surfaced via a keyboard is suddenly obsolete. This means very big changes for the business models of Google, Apple and Amazon for starters. The clues to how seriously the big companies are viewing the shift can be seen in the new products they offer. For example, next month Google will start selling Google Home, a speaker/microphone device which sits in the house and can theoretically run your life (US$130, choice of colours including mango, marine, grey). Saying OK Google will activate the system so that you can add an event to your calendar, set the temperature of your thermostat, or stream your favourite song – and of course book an Uber or a movie seat. Apple’s voice aspirations can be divined with a close look at the iPhone 7 and more particularly the newly released wireless headphones, with their improved functionality and upgraded voice recognition. Read more here (VIEW LINK)