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Until now Australian investors have had limited ways to receive attractive, regular income, whilst also achieving true portfolio diversification. Metrics Credit Partners have just opened the IPO of the MCP Master Income Trust (ASX:MXT).

The Trust pays income monthly from January 2018, and aims to provide a minimum yield of 3.25% above the RBA rate, which would deliver at least 4.75% today. Metrics Capital Partners Managing Partner, Andy Lockhart, says;

MXT offers exclusive access to the highly attractive risk adjusted returns available in the corporate loan market, historically only available to regulated and international banks.

The Trust invests in a portfolio of at least 50 corporate loans across diverse sectors like property, retail and infrastructure with well-known businesses including Woolworths and Lendlease.

The IPO is now open to all investors seeking genuine portfolio diversification, capital stability and regular income. Click here for more information.  



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