Potential pandemic, shutdowns of major cities and supply chains in China, flight bans from one of the world's largest sources of tourists, crashing oil demand. It sounds dire. Bond markets are reflecting a dire situation. Stock markets are generally up. Tune in as we discuss whether stocks or bonds have this one right. 

Governments have turned a corner on the Coronavirus, now prioritising preventative measures to combat its spread rather than minimising economic and market impact. In this episode, we cover why the economic impacts of Coronavirus will far exceed that of SARS did in 2003, the time for cautious investing being now, countries and sectors to avoid investment in, and as always our investment implications wrap-up.  

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Patrick Fresne

Some experts have been expressing concern that the disease will spread to Africa, where many countries are ill-equipped to contain a major outbreak. Many countries in the region lack suitable facilities to test for the disease. Various media reports have suggested that the situation in Africa regarding coronavirus will become clearer over the next few days.

Damien Klassen

Thanks Patrick - Indonesia is the other big question mark. It seems improbable almost every other nearby country has a dozen or so cases but Indonesia has zero.