china growth

Callum Thomas

In this video I look at the latest data out of China, which shows an economic rebound gathering steam. I talk through how they got there, what's next, the implications, and risks to the outlook: Show More

Paul Hennessy

China’s internet companies are developing cutting-edge mobile applications and leapfrogging the titans of U.S. technology in certain respects. China is no longer simply a tech copycat: Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu are playing a leading role in China’s shift to a consumption-led economy. Capital Group expects increasing amounts of mobile innovation... Show More

Livewire News

Following the recent upbeat GDP report, BIS Shrapnel’s Building Forecasting Team are suggesting the worst could be over in China. “The details of the Q2 GDP report show that increased investment in property and infrastructure helped the economy grow by 6.7% year-on-year in the three months to June, beating market... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Aussie market flip-flopped between slight positive and slight negative before China growth data helped to push into solid positive territory. China GDP growth matched expectations and was right in the middle of the target band set by the government. If only everything worked so perfectly….like the local unemployment data improving... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Aussie market started very negative before recovering over 1% from the lows with better commodities and China property data. The currency also saw some strength to push back above 69 cents while overall commodity cycle remains negative leading into the Chinese New Year. The recent corrections in global markets are... Show More

Nikko Asset Management Australia

Nikko AM Australia’s commodity analyst, James Eginton, recently participated in a research trip to China to see first-hand how the economic transition is progressing. The transition - perhaps the largest the world will ever see - has significant implications for global growth. A country where economic growth has been built... Show More

Livewire News

The MNI China Business Sentiment Indicator, a gauge of current business sentiment, slipped back into contraction by falling 8.8% to 48.8 in July from 53.5 in June. In previous months, incremental gains in sentiment have been led by a firming in output and orders. The latest fall in overall sentiment... Show More

James Nicolaou

VRL look set to deliver a solid FY15 on 21/8/15. One of the main drivers for this resurgence has been the influx of Chinese tourists coming in their droves taking advantage of a Falling A$. Chinese outbound travel continues to grow rapidly, with the number of overseas trips taken surpassing... Show More