We’re undergoing a period of rapid change. In a world where technology makes up 20% of the MSCI World Index, investors’ portfolios should reflect the future, not the past. This means looking beyond the ASX 200, where technology has a weighting close to zero. 

At AIM, we don’t want to duplicate your Australian holdings. Instead we want to complement it. Through our Global High Conviction Fund, we want to give you access to stocks and sectors not available in Australia. 

Since inception three years ago, our long/short strategy has outperformed the MSCI World Index by 10%. 

In the Fund in Focus below, I share how we find these opportunities, our view on the current investment landscape, and a top-down meets bottom-up story we see today.


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Thomas Nielsen

I remember Charlie saying his fund had a sizeable holding in Aristocrat on Sky Business late last year. Hopefully he held out on that! Stayed flat while everything charged higher last year and now up considerably when everything else is flat! Aristocrat the new gold?