Munro Partners is an absolute return manager with a core focus on global growth equities. We target meaningful returns after all fees, and utilising our proprietary investment process we’ve managed to achieve that for 12 years. Since its launch in August 2016, our Munro Global Growth Fund has delivered a cumulative return of 36.6%. 

We believe great growth stocks dominate wealth creation. A 2017 economics paper written by Hendrik Bessembinder, concluded that of listed companies, 4% explained the entire stock market outperformance against treasury bills since 1926. 

There are very few winners, and structural growth is what creates them. At Munro, our job as growth managers is to find the next winners.  

In the Fund in Focus below, we look at how we go about finding those winners, specific stock examples we’re seeing today, and our outlook moving forward. 

Further insights

Munro provides all investors, with an institutional quality, global fund manager with the ability to identify sustainable growth trends that are under appreciated and mispriced by the market, and the resulting winning and losing stocks. Find out how. 

Disclaimer: The Munro Global Growth Fund’s calculations are in Australian dollars, based on the exit price with distributions reinvested, after ongoing fees and expenses but excluding taxation. Past performance is provided for illustrative purposes and is not a guide to future performance.