Is it time to re-enter the world stock market? Today we address the question on everyone's mind. 

Topics on the agenda include a summary of the current issues facing worldwide economies and markets, Coronavirus just being the pin popping the bubble, China's recovery, dealing with Coronavirus: the hammer and the dance, if it's time to take the plunge back in, government and federal stimulus, pent up demand: winners vs losers, and how to invest back into markets from here

Join Nucleus Wealth's Head of Investments, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn-Smith and Head of Operations Tim Fuller as they investigate

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Patrick Fresne

Historically, major outbreaks of disease have often proved to be a precursor for the rise of new powers: for example, the Plague of Justinian in the 6th century precipitated the early Muslim conquests and the eventual rise of the Umayyad Empire. In a similar vein, I wonder if this pandemic situation might precipitate a shift of the economic centre of gravity of the world, from the northern, colder climes -North America, Europe, East Asia- to the major countries closer to the equator, such as India, Mexico, and parts of Africa, where the spread COVID-19 virus seems to be more constrained.