It sounds crazy, but there’s growing debate that mining stocks may become a “safe haven” following the collapse in the sector over the past few years – and this view isn’t dependent on a rebound in commodity prices either! Investing in resource stocks has been the quickest way to lose money with the S&P/ASX 300 Metal & Mining Index shedding two-thirds of its value over the past five years when the All Ordinaries is up 4%. It’s safe to say no one is ready to bet on a sustained recovery in commodity prices but the mining sector – along with energy – are the only sectors with “Armageddon” priced into their shares. If global equity markets are poised for a bear-market as some doomsayers are forecasting, then the downside risk for resource stocks will be a lot lower than for financials and industrials. And if the bulls are right about equities rebounding after a horror start to the New Year, resource stocks may not be such foolish bet either.