Is the US government actually being responsible and proactive regarding the debt ceiling? Apparently the public's disgust at the government's inability to agree on even basic responsibilities (such as paying bills on time) has finally gotten the attention of Republicans. The House actually passed a clean debt limit bill, raising the ceiling until March of 2015. I thought for sure the politicians would use this opportunity to bloviate on the dangers of government debt and fiscal irresponsibility. Nevertheless, Congress is actually continuing to be somewhat effective this year and has now passed a budget and a debt ceiling raise without much ado. The Senate is expected to pass the bill as well, which will quickly be signed into law. Perhaps politics are going to have less of an impact on markets this year, for a change - at least until November elections.

Canaccord Colts

That's interesting Jay ... and a triple word score for 'bloviate' :)

Jay Soloff

I've been waiting weeks to finally work bloviate into one of my wires.