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Steen Jakobsen from Saxo Bank recently told the ABC that Australian rates are flattening out, and the next significant move will be to the upside. “We may see one more lowering of the rates, but that will be the low point. So that is the Australian side. The US dollar side: we're getting a Trump, potentially, into the White House; we are seeing trade sanctioning across the board; we are seeing people going anti-globalisation. That is not good for the US dollar at all.” He was confident the US would not see higher rates, saying that the Fed is “going to do absolutely nothing, as they normally do.” Higher Aussie rates and lower US rates are likely to mean a much higher AUD he says. “When I come back to see you in 12 months from now, we could be at one in the absolute extreme case.” Watch or read the interview here: (VIEW LINK)


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