With the right managers behind the wheel, dislocation in debt markets can present meaningful investment opportunities. 

In the latest Inside the Rope podcast episode, Haydn Smith of Tribeca Investment Partners and I discuss how investors are taking advantage of recent dislocations.

Haydn Smith is a Portfolio Manager at Tribeca Investment Partners and runs Tribeca’s Global Natural Resources Credit Fund. Prior to Tribeca, Haydn was formerly the Global Head of Macquarie Bank's Mining Finance Group.


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James Marlay

For Livewire readers keen to learn about different fund managers and their investment strategies I can highly recommend this podcast. It has been on my play list for a while now. David has access to some very interesting guests and does a great job in presenting new information in an easy to access way. You'll get access to new ideas and I always learn something from the guests. One of the best Aussie investment podcasts for confident and informed investors.