Quant strategy model changes: APN and MYX were added while NTC and RMD were removed. Current quant strategy model portfolio: Materials – large (BHP); Transport – large (SYD, TCL), mid (QUB); Consumer Services – small (AAD, AGI, MTR, RFG); Media – mid (FXJ), small (APN, VRL), micro (ICQ); Health Care – large (RHC), small (GXL, MYX); Banks – large (ANZ, NAB, WBC); Diversified Financials – large (MQG), mid (HGG), small (IMF); Insurance – large (SUN), small (SDF), micro (AUB); Property – large (LLC); Information Technology – small (GBT, IFM), micro ( HUB); Telecommunications – large (TLS), micro (SDA). (VIEW LINK)