Strategy outlook: We remain bullish long term while expected short term January profit taking should set the market up for a February recovery cycle. We continue to expect global growth to remain low for longer and force central banks to keep rates low for longer. The domestic market will return to yield trade as the currency stabilises in the mid to low 60’s. We continue to favour small caps and tech sectors (i.e. MITCH universe) to add new economy exposure before the reporting season in February. Current quant strategy model portfolio: Materials – large (BHP); Transport – large (SYD, TCL), mid (QUB); Consumer Services – small (AAD, AGI, MTR, RFG); Media – mid (FXJ), small (VRL), micro (ICQ); Health Care – large (RHC), mid ( RMD), small (GXL); Banks – large (ANZ, NAB, WBC); Diversified Financials – large (MQG), mid (HGG), small (IMF); Insurance – large (SUN), small (SDF), micro (AUB); Property – large (LLC); Information Technology – small (GBT, IFM), micro ( HUB); Telecommunications – large (TLS), micro (NTC, SDA). (VIEW LINK)