With exploding volatility, extensive business disruption, and unprecedented levels of uncertainty, it is more important than ever for financial planners and investors alike to educate themselves on market risks and opportunities from professional active managers who have the resources, research teams, and years of experience managing investments in their specialty categories to be able to provide clear and insightful commentary on the markets and how they are managing their respective portfolios. 

 In this webinar, portfolio manager Jordan Cvetanovski and the Pengana International team provide insight into their market outlook, and the risks and opportunities that have emerged for global equities, as well as how they are navigating the current environment. 

The team also covers 

  • what they believe the most likely timeline for recovery, 
  • investing in business likely to directly benefit from covid-19, 
  • the role of central banks, 
  • and a number of stock-specific examples that they have been adding to their portfolio.

Pengana Capital is hosting a Fund Manager Webinar Series. You can see all webinars at (VIEW LINK)