In The AFR I don't pull my punches in holding our esteemed central bank to account for its consistently poor analysis of the housing boom its easy money policies created and for broadcasting misleading characterisations of conditions to rationalise the May and August rate cuts ex post facto. If I don't take them to task, nobody else appears brave enough to do so! After noting that interest rate "duration" continues to get smoked in October, I segue by way of an ASIO story into cyber-security and highlight a new ETF that for the first time offers retail investors diversified exposure to what is a complex sector (some readers may not recall that I have spent years analysing cyber risks): "On September 22 new governor Phil Lowe doubled-down on these rubbery assertions, assuring politicians that "the two interest rate cuts we have had this year do not seem to have stimulated a new round of house price increases". He could not have been more wrong" Free (VIEW LINK)