John Cloonan

For every observation, somebody somewhere has another one. I agree that sales are an issue but not the biggest. My view is that the root cause of Woolies current performance is the loss of retail skills across the organisation.The Masters experiment was the culmination but any simple walk around the Woolies stores by experienced retailers could have easily identified major problems across most areas. My walk rounds led me to sell maybe not at the top but not at current prices. My view is that the loss of skills resulted on Roger Corbett's watch when supermarkets were centralised, so to use Roger to help solve the problems is illogical. I had the opportunity to observe both Roger and Paul Simons in operation and my view concurs with Paul Simon's well publicised views on Roger. Woolies needs a major overhaul with escalating costs in the exit of Masters, Big W continuing to flounder living in a country with an oversuply of Discount Department stores , in second rate locations and the increasing competition in supermarkets. Good luck to Brad, he will need it, he is right he cant do it alone and needs help