Is Amazon a threat to Woolworths? Can active managers deliver value in large-cap shares? And where are the most defensive earnings on the ASX? Following our quarterly investor update, Perpetual's Head of Equities, Paul Skamvougeras, answered a range of questions from Livewire's editors on current market issues. 

Questions addressed:

  • Can larger Australian shares fund managers still add value?
  • Where are the most defensive earnings on the ASX today?
  • What’s the biggest red flag when you’re assessing a management team?
  • What are you hearing from company management teams?
  • Is Amazon a threat to Woolworths?
  • Is there a stock where you’re thinking differently to the rest of the market?

Watch the full video below for his answers, including two stock ideas from the larger end of the market.


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Ivan Litvinov

The Amazon threat to Woolworth is over rated. The whole concept of Amazon buying a bricks in mortar business in the US is a testament to conventional retailing. If the threat of Amazon is lower pricing - I wonder how it will achieve this with suppliers who are already selling all their products to the duopoly and have little incentive to offer the same product to a newcomer at a lower rate. Online retailing has been a feature of Coles and Woolworth for some time now and the only likely bricks and mortar target would be the weakest link in retail - Metcash. It's also unclear how Amazon would overcome Australian logistical challenges with a nimble footprint to pose a credible threat to the duopoly. Perhaps in the years to come Amazon will admit it's folly here like Uber did in China and Russia as an example.