Sunset Strip | Aussie market moved against the trend of global markets and commodities to deliver 6th straight positive day. The recent market action is beginning to look like the global investors are returning to Australia with currency hitting high 70's. After leaving around the low 90's, it makes sense for global investors to return as the downside risk on currency now is only a few cents while the Aussie equity yield is double most global bond yields. As we have been expecting, US Fed is starting to change their rate rise outlook from Q2 to Q3 with low inflation and low wages growth. RBA will be forced to cut rates after the budget to keep consumer sentiment from shutting economic activity down with an in-active government. We expect global investors looking for high sustainable yield to come back to the Aussie market once the currency stabilises around the mid to high 70's....then again it may have already started!!! SHORT TERM MARKET BUY CALL on 22nd Jan 2014 with expectations of positive ECB QE announcement. (VIEW LINK)