Today we look at the at the credit fallout of Coronavirus. What is the nature of this financial crisis? Is it over or does it have further to run? What is the role of banks and central banks? What are the implications for assets?

All of these questions and more answered today by MB Fund’s Head of Investment Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn Smith, and Head of Operations Tim Fuller as they cover "The New Credit Ice Age."

If this episode sounds of interest to you, watch in the YouTube player below or in podcast form here (links are featured at the bottom right of the player if you wish to listen on your preferred platform). 

John Sanderson

Great episode guys, much appreciated!

Rosemary Breen


Alex Morgan

Great podcast. I wonder under what conditions the assumption that the US will remain a safe haven and recover well from this pandemic would change. E.g.: what if chaos really breaks out on the street due to people being unable to secure treatment resulting in gun violence, crime, looting etc., leading to longer-term disruption?

Nathan Haslewood

Would love a transcript to accompany podcasts or videos, if possible. Tend to prefer reading analysis than listening or watching it, personally.