The next Lehman moment

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In some ways the regulatory response that followed in the years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers has been a success. The days of racy balance sheets chasing outsized profits on wafer thin capital are largely over; replaced by a mantra of prudence and bread-and-butter lending to the real economy. Show More

The Rules of Investing: The virus that affects all assets

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When a young Charlie Jamieson arrived at work in London on September 11th, 2001, little did he know how much that day would affect his views on markets. At the time, he was trading US Dollar bonds from Merrill Lynch’s London office, having just left the New York office three... Show More

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A US recession on the horizon

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Harry Colvin, Director & Senior Economist at Longview Economics, has some serious concerns about the state of the US and global economies. “CapEx is shrinking, global earnings are shrinking, manufacturing globally is broadly in recession. There’s weakness spreading from emerging markets across the world and it’s feeding back into the... Show More