Scott Shuttleworth

Buying undervalued stocks is traditionally the way investors seek to deliver returns over the long term. At Vega Capital, we utilise a differentiated way of looking at the markets in the United States and discuss it in today’s blog. There are two overarching algorithms we utilise, the first uses macroeconomic... Show More

Alex Cowie

With the Easter and Anzac period upon us, for some holiday reading, we’ve rounded up and summarised a baker’s dozen of the top wires of 2019 so far, including some of the most popular stock ideas, fundie interviews and big picture wires. 3 unmissable fundie interviews If you missed it, in... Show More

Shane Oliver

Much has been made of Australia’s nearly 28 years without a recession. Despite many seeing recession as inevitable in response to the 1997 Asian crisis, the 2000-2003 tech wreck, the GFC and the “end” of the mining boom Australia has seemingly sailed on through each of these regardless. This has... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Chris Watling, CEO and Chief Market Strategist at Longview Economics, recently sounded the recession alarm on the Australian economy. We had the chance to sit down with him to explore his view, hear where he’s seen a very similar set up before, and to learn just how bearish he really... Show More

Jay Sivapalan

While it is easy for investors to conclude that Australia’s run of economic growth is coming to an end with a housing slowdown, a closer balanced analysis of the economy would indicate otherwise. We believe that Australia again will transition growth to other segments in 2019 and reach its 28th... Show More

Richard Coppleson

There is an odd stat that will haunt a few… the S&P 500 was down -3.2% last night. Now there have only been 3 other years where the market has a -3% in December. 1987, 2000 and 2008…. I’ll leave that there, but gee I hate those three years. It’s... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Looking at news headlines, there seems to be a growing consensus of an impending recession by 2020. To support this view, many have pointed towards a flattening yield curve. But James Sweeney, chief economist at Credit Suisse says otherwise. “My view is that we're not likely to have a new... Show More

Aberdeen Standard Investments

In some ways the regulatory response that followed in the years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers has been a success. The days of racy balance sheets chasing outsized profits on wafer thin capital are largely over; replaced by a mantra of prudence and bread-and-butter lending to the real economy. Show More

Shane Oliver

For years now, many have told us that Australia is heading for an imminent recession. By contrast official forecasts have long been looking for several years of above trend growth. In the event neither has happened and we don’t see them happening anytime soon. Against this backdrop there are five... Show More