The next round of US debt ceiling negotiations will be nothing more than a side show creating volatility but also offering opportunity. It only feels like yesterday that the US went into shut down, however, the next round of discussion loom large as the next event to catch investors attention. Uday Cheruvu of PM Capital sees this as an opportunity rather than a threat. In his view neither party will let the US economy slide into default and if they do then all bets are off. What he does see is the volatility that will surround any political posturing creating a disruption in business confidence. He believes this will be a short term effect and presents an opportunity to enter the market on any weakness and volatility. Here is what he had to say on the subject and what they are watching in the macro space &list=TLuPIQvTDj0QSOt9GzQEHw9ahMieKRD86l