I have confidence in...

Callum Thomas

Just wanted to quickly share this chart - it shows consumer sentiment across developed and emerging economies (GDP weighted) using the Reuters/Ipsos Consumer Sentiment Indexes. The chart (from my latest report) shows a clear trend towards new highs in consumer confidence for developed economies, and while emerging markets stumbled in... Show More

Weekly Macro Themes - 2016 End of Year Special Edition

Callum Thomas

As a holiday treat we're making the 2016 End of Year Special Edition of the Weekly Macro Themes available for free: This edition looks at some of my favorite charts and themes of the year from the weekly report, including the charts that worked (and those that didn't... Show More

Economic Insights - Stronger than expected inflation reduces chance of Nov rate cut


The Consumer Price Index – the main measure of inflation in Australia – rose by 0.7% in the September quarter, above expectations for a lift of 0.4-0.5%. The annual rate of inflation rose from a 17-year low of 1.0% to 1.3% For more Economic Insights, visit Show More

A massive understatement about Australia’s economic outlook

Schroders Australia

Recessions are capitalism’s ways of correcting the imbalances that expanding economies ferment. Australia’s 25-year expansion has allowed two debt-based distortions to fest. These debt blowouts will be paramount in deciding how Australia’s economy performs in coming years. The threat posed by these imbalances, however, is contentious. One way to express... Show More